We at Black Burn have been active for over two decades in the manufacturing industry producing high quality and cost competitive products for our customers. Our growth over the years has primarily been due to the continuous investment in Technology & Human Resources which has helped us Deliver quality products to meet our customer needs.

Black Burn was founded by Mr. Alok Somani in 1982 in Kolkata, West Bengal. We now have three manufacturing facilities: - two in Kolkata, West Bengal & One in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. To support our manufacturing activities we have an in-house, well equipped tool room which enables us to design, develop & test products faster for our customers.

As a family owned business we are able to take decisions quickly & independently. With our eagerness to innovate, whatever application or co-operation you may think of, we look forward to working with you to put your project into motion and to break into new horizons.